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Bobby Gill

Hi, my name is Bobby Gill - and I'm a SEO professional and Internet Marketer. Want to improve your websites, online marketing and search results? Contact me!

Events Promotion and Events management, working with big companies putting on events for up to 5000 attendees in London and around the UK.
Dealing with world class speakers, promoters, joint ventures, crewing, staffing and the behind the scenes problem solving and dealing with emergencies. Involved in a lot of team work and motivating/coaching individuals to be able to perform better and deal with challenges.
Worked with a lot of entrepreneurs, authors and property investors.
Provided Social Media implementation and education for businesses wanting to get online and use the different online channels to connect with potential clients and create a good brand image.
Experience in Property Development and also been a Project Engineer for a big Engineering company.

Values: Open-ness, love, honesty, integrity, reliability, truth, doing the right thing, people before profits (Mainly things that stand for humanity, not corporate policy) 

I love to work with entrepreneurs, amazing people who's souls shine, those that want to achieve and create more for everyone. 

Of course if your values are not in line with the above yet, get back to me when you've decided to change :-)

Specialties: Property Business NLP Coaching. Helping property investors with managing their portfolios and small businesses with their marketing strategies - both through off line management and using online social media growth. 

"Making a difference."

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